Courses & Fee



Courses & Fee

      1. Five year B.D.

Eligibility: Intermediate/+2 passed

      1. Four year B.D.

Eligibility: Graduates from any recognized university

      1. B.Th. upgrading to B.D. (two/three years)

Eligibility: B.Th. degree of the Senate of Serampore College and pass in two English qualifying                                          papers.

      1. Four year Bachelor of Christian Studies (BCS) (Distance)

Eligibility: Graduates from any recognized university

      1. Two year Diploma in Christian Studies (DCS) (Distance)

Eligibility: Intermediate/+2 passed

Recommended Fee Structure for Sponsored Candidates (B. D.) Effective from June 2014

A. Single Student

I semester

II semester



Tuition 16,000 16,000 32,000
Boarding 11,000 11,000 22,000
Room and utilities 5,500 5,500 11,000
Sports 250 250 500
College activities 500
Caution Deposit 2,000
Library 1,500 1,500 3,000
Development Fee 5,000
Total 76,000

Senate Registration and Exam fees per year

4,000 4,000

B. Recommended Allowances

Pocket money     9,000    9,000 18,000
Book Grant per year   3,000
Medical allowance    2,000
Travel grant (as per distance)

C. Recommended Married Students Stipends

House Rent, per year 36,000
Stipend, per year 24,000
Medical allowance (depending on the size of family)
Travel grant (as per distance and size of family)

The total annual cost for the tuition, accommodation, mess, and other educational expenses of each residential BD/BD Upgrading student is Rs. 76,000/- (Rupees seventy six thousand only) but the college offers a subsidy of Rs. 40,000/- (Rupees forty thousand only) per year for each student.

In addition, compulsory Senate registration and examination fees of Rs. 4,000/ (Rupees four thousand only) must be paid by each student in June of every year.
i.e., (Students have to pay total 36, 000 + 4, 000=40, 000 only)

Payment of all fees may be made in either cash or DD. DDs for all matters should be made payable only to “Bethel Bible College” and be payable at Guntur.