Bachelor of Christian Studies (BCS)



Bachelor of Christian Studies (BCS)

Bachelor of Christian Studies (BCS)

Fee Structure per year per

Registration Fee
Registration, Syllabus and Seminars Fee Rs 12,000
Examination Fee
Each Senate Paper 350
Each College Paper 200
Marks Fee 250
University Council Fee 100



1. Minimum qualification: Any Degree (BA/B.Sc/B.Com/BBA)

2. Last date to receive filled in Applications: 20th Oct each year.

3. Last date of Registration with fine: 15th Nov each year. (Fine: Rs 400/ per student)

4. Fee can be paid 2/3 installments.

5. Seminars will be in August and September.

6. Last Date Exam paper registration: 31st May each year

7. Last Date Exam paper registration with late fine: 15th June each year (Fine: Rs 400/ per student)

8. Examination shall be written in English or Telugu medium

9. Exam schedule will be in Oct/Nov each year

10.Visit Website:

11. Contact: 0863 226 2832 (Office)

12. Email:

Bachelor of Christian Studies (BCS)

Course Schema

First Year
105 Understanding Christian Faith (S)
109 Selected Events in the History of Christianity (S)
101 Understanding the Old Testament (C)
103 Understanding the New Testament (C)
110 Outlines of Major Religions and Traditions in India (C)


Second Year
102 Re-reading of Select O.T. Texts from Liberation Perspective (S)
104 Jesus as present, in the Gospels with the Study of Selected Texts (S)
107 History of Christianity in India (S)
115 Contemporary Missiological issues (C)
116 Re-reading of Selected Texts from the Book of Psalms (C)
119 Re-reading of the letters of St. Paul (C)
Third Year
106 Introduction to Christian Ethics (S)
112 Introduction to Christian Ministry (S)
111 Christian Responses to Multi-Faith Society (S)
113 Introduction to Communication (S)
114 Christological Issues Classical and Contemporary (S)
133 Christian Perspectives on Contemporary issues: Ecology (C)


Final Year
120 Context. Theo.: Liberation, Dalit, Feminist, Black, Minjung etc, (C)
139 Understanding Social Analysis (C)
123 Introduction to Counselling (C)
Thesis or any two of the following papers in lieu of a thesis

121: Modern Religious and Secular Movements in India (C)

122: Christian Education and Social Change

124: Communication Ethics

Professional issues in Christian Perspectives: Any one course: (a) Medical- Healing Ministry (b) Labour and Industrial (c) Social Work (d) Teaching (e) Technology (f) Legal (g) Professional Ethics